It is my mission and passion to help you achieve the life you have always dreamed of.


  • Life by design
  • Meet new like minded, fun, ambitious people
  • True financial freedom
  • Choose your team
  • No risk investment
  • Freedom to work from ANYWHERE
  • Cloud based business so no shipping no inventory
  • Get healthy with all natural products
  • Build your empire not someone else's
  • Job security
  • Get awesome tax breaks
  • Build a legacy for your family


Learn how to join our team, The BOSS LADY EMPIRE, where we teach our tribe  the exact 3 step system and business model we used to create financial freedom so that they can do the same!!


Can you follow the rules?

5 Rules of living a life by design while building your BOSS Empire:

"A BOSSLADY is a woman who exudes her LIGHT unto this world who actively pursues her greatest potential... and seeks to inspire others by walking the walk. A woman who is BEAUTIFUL, no matter her age, color, shape or size, but because she OWNS her life! A BOSSLADY never lets others determine her destiny, she is a LEADER, a motivator, a LEARNER of LIFE! A BOSSLADIES' job and sole purpose is to help others to see and bring out their INNER LIGHT!!


#1 RULE - Don't let anyone determine what you are capable of... because I know plenty of people who didn't believe in me... or ITWORKS.. but the only belief I needed to be successful in this was MY OWN!


#2 RULE - CONSTANTLY look for ways to serve in the lives of others (without looking for something in return!) Every job should be looked at as a SERVICE job... no matter if you are an accountant, postman, consultant, or server... Give people the BEST of you... no matter WHAT you do!


# 3 RULE - Stretch yourself beyond what you think you are capable of every single day! If you are not uncomfortable at least 5 times a day then there is a good chance you are not growing in the direction of your dreams! You HAVE TO be willing to do the little things you DON'T WANT to do in the short-term... to get to the BIG things you DO WANT to do in the long-term.


# 4 RULE - Add VALUE to people's life... Leave everyone better for having known you... Listen to them without thinking about what YOU are going to say next, really take in the emotion in their words and respond with thoughtfulness! This alone sets you apart from the pack!


# 5 RULE - Work on YOUR OWN problems and issues first, before you try changing others... *This was a BIG turning point in MY life* So many of us spend our time picking apart others, pointing out how easy it would be for them to turn their life around... but do NOTHING about changing our own! You want to help others change? Start living up to the potential in YOUR OWN LIFE! You cannot make someone change, but you can INSPIRE them to seek their own light... by shining YOURS!

Just as a candle can light another candle without losing any of its own light... You can ignite passion in thousands without ever having to DIM your own light. So BURN BRIGHTLY, unashamed of your God given glory... Because you never know HOW MANY candles there are out there just waiting to be LIT by YOU!

We walk together in unity.

This team is our team.

When you join BOSS LADY EMPIRE you become part of a sisterhood. Never be afraid to ask questions. Be ready to grow. To commit with whole entire heart and being to succeed. you will fail many times over and over as a BOSS! Sometimes we must FAIL FORWARD!  But, together we keep marching forward as a tribe in unison playing out our dreams.

You are now a BOSS LADY!!

CEO of your DESTINY!

BOSS LADY EMPIRE is not only about your income.