Are socks overloading your life? Giving you grey hair ?  As a mom of eight we have always had a sock basket and we just through all the socks in there  and everybody would go through and find a pair it was so hectic in the mornings…  there had to be a better way I have tried and tried so many different techniques to keeping up with the dreaded socks…. here are a few I would like to share !! 

Here are the ones that got rid of our sock basket

  • An individual zippered mesh bag for each person in the household or you can use just one bag for everyone depends on your family's needs 
  • We also all have our own clothes basket as well and we wash on a designated day so we throw the bag in with our clothes
  • Buy everyone a certain brand/color sock 
  • Put a colored dot on each persons socks with permanent marker 
  • You could even get a safety pin and pin the socks together after you take them off (this didn't work well for us ) 
  • Keep a “looking for a soulmate “ clothes line near the dryer or a SMALL basket ! (I say small because we did that and it became a big basket all over again) 

Don't forget to throw out socks with holes in them and get rid of kids socks that are too small! There are tons of drawer storage containers for drawers but I like to keep ours in our own individual bin ! We have used those pocket over the door holders again they didn't work for our needs but they may for you ! 

I made it very clear to the kids and my husband that we will not leave socks laying around and when we do there will be consequences they may have to match up the socks for the month and who wants to do that so little incentives keep them on track and keep our socks mated  up!! 
Share what method you use for your socks & share this with someone you know who is always searching for a pair of socks!