I'm Elisha 😊

I'm a mommy of 8 , Sam's club fanatic, crockpot lover, bullet journalists, affirmation reciter, motivator, #bosslady , wellness ambassador, think outside the box type of girl who is #holdingmypen while #writingourstory & #changingtheworld

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, everything should be interpreted as a gift 🎁, &  nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it ! I believe in FUN, FREEDOM, and FRIENDSHIPS πŸ’š

I believe in respect, being on time, I never met a stranger , thank you notes , and living, laughing loving all the way through this game called lifeπŸ™ŒπŸ½

I empower #bossladies, #bossmoms, #bosswifes, & #bosswomen of all kinds to empower each other & themselves by getting healthy & not only changing their bodies but also their mindset and LIFE!

I teach them how to have a life by design by sharing what they have experienced 😘 by providing a strategy, motivation & accountability to empower them to be successful in their business & personal life!

I pour my energy into supporting my tribe, their needs and their goals.

We dive deep to discover their WHY so we can produce the best, most effective plan as possible to stay motivated and keep pushing hard daily ! We are all part of a team who empowers each other and share tips & tricks ! I stay on top of the latest social media techniques so can offer my #bossladies the latest and most exciting advertising tactics so they can be successful 😘

Are you ready to create  the life you don't need a vacation from?

Are you ready transform your health, body, & mind by getting healthy (and wealthy) on the road to financial freedom?

Are you ready to create your life by design & empower others to do the same?

It's time to start crushing your goals!